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What’s Right for You?

P6270661Are you committed to improving the quality  of your health? Are you curious about which treatments or lifestyle activities are best for you? A personal consultation with Don an excellent way to begin moving in the direction of sustained wellness.

Assessing your health

Your current lifestyle, health history, age, career and many other factors influence your health. Figuring out where you are now in terms of physical and spiritual health is the best way to plot your trajectory towards your continual well-being in the future. To begin your self-assessment, think about the following questions:

Do you have a consistent meditative or contemplative practice?

Are creative activities a regular part of your routine?

Does your nutrition reflect healthy choices?

Is physical movement also part of your activities?

Most of the time is your sleep restorative?

These five questions point us in the direction of the five foundations for cultivating healthy chi, something which I elaborate upon in my blog post. If your answer to most of these questions ‘no’, then we have some work to do. Contact me for an appointment to help resolve these questions.