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Asian Massage


Asian massage  is the term I use to describe the  unique combination of Japanese Shiatsu and Thai yoga massage that I offer. Asian massage is different in a number of ways, some more obvious than others : for instance, traditionally ,recipients are clothed, no oils are employed and the treatment is conducted on a cotton futon at floor level.  Furthermore, the traditional Asian approach to health  focusses on stimulating the flow of life energy, called Ki in Japan, Chi in China or Prana in Thailand. Our Chi moves through channels called meridians which run head to toe. Shiatsu  works directly on the body’s meridians and pressure points while Thai  massage utilizes many partner assisted stretches. These two complementary therapies are a powerful combination.

Asian massage is a relaxing grounding experience, leaving you feeling calm and attuned, free from fatigue, tension and stiffness. Used in a preventative manner, Asian massage will maintain a more balanced energy flow and keep your renewed health at its peak, giving you a sense of well-being and direction in life.

How I got started

Almost forty years ago, on a whim, I joined a friend in an introductory Shiatsu course. To my surprise, I not only enjoyed what I was learning, I found that I had a certain aptitude. So shortly thereafter, when I came across a Shiatsu school while residing in London UK, I decided to pursue my studies. Here at this school I learned about the intricacies of the Five Elements and Macrobiotics. Once I graduated from the course I returned to Canada and established  my private practice in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Surprisingly,to this day I remain one of the few Shiatsu therapists in the Atlantic Canada.


Please wear loose comfortable clothing, preferably made of cotton. Do not wear any scented products or eat just before your treatment.


A full case history is taken in the first session. A clinical impression, based on Asian medical principles, will establish the most suitable treatment for that session. After the session, clients may be given recommendations on how to maintain more balanced energy through nutrition, breathing exercises and self-massage.

The number and frequency of treatments needed depends on the recipient and their condition.

For a brief overview of the history of Shiatsu, visit my blog.

To arrange for a session, click on my contact info below.