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A treatment with Don leaves me bubbling with energy and free of headaches related to stress.

The most relaxing massage Ive ever had! He was very nice and pleasant, and I was extremely impressed with my experience. thank you Don!

As a dentist, my work keeps me in a very static position for hours on end. I have had great success with Shiatsu therapy, in terms of pain reduction and increased mobility in my neck and shudders. My muscles have relaxed and function without spasms.

I had serious neck pain for many years following neck surgery. Don’e expert manipulation of my spine has left me virtually pain free for the last three years.

We ended our day at the Aqua Spa with a couples massage & private jacuzzi bath afterwards, which was absolutely amazing…my massage therapist Don was beyond experienced and had┬áhands of a God!┬áVery professional and attentive to what I needed!

NADA Training Feedback

This entire experience was actually beyond my expectations.

Very passionate about content and very confident and relaxed in approach.

Calm, gentle manner and respectful of everyone. Very satisfied with the experience – better than I expected.

Very satisfied – feel confident that auricular acupuncture can be offered at our addiction/mental health centres with the ongoing growth and commitment of the trainees.

After 19 Years with Addiction Prevention and Treatment Services, Capital Health, Halifax

Don’s personal and professional skills are well suited within human service work environments and team settings. He brings a well developed skill set regarding group facilitation and educational formats. His ability to relate to diverse populations who present at varying levels of change readiness has been a stabilizing and productive aspect not only for his clients, but his team mates as well.

Don’s specialized training in the areas of auricular acupuncture and mindfulness showcase his commitment to holistic health and wellness, and combined with his genuine manner, has helped many others appreciate and incorporate the attributes of holistic health into their lives.

In addition to his professional attributes, Don has consistently demonstrated an ability to adapt and be flexible to changing organizational needs, which has made him a positive and well liked member of the agency by his supervisor and colleagues.