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Welcome. My passion in life is in helping us all to remember the truth of who we are. This is best accomplished when we have the courage to put aside our distractions and take full responsibility for our lives, in sickness and in health.

My integrative approach not only emphasizes the unified relationship of the body, mind, emotions and spirit but also embraces a larger perspective. One which acknowledges that individual and collective health are interrelated, influenced by our relationship with the world around us. Illness and discomfort can arise when the harmony of this relationship is disrupted.

Working together, we can create a healing opportunity which invites deep lasting change.

I look forward to working with you soon.

Be Well!


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Integrative Health means the integration of conventional, complementary and alternative health care options to address wellness, health promotion and the healing process.

Integrative health focuses on the individual’s wholeness encompassing body, mind and spirit as well as all aspects of lifestyle. ┬áIt emphasizes the therapeutic relationship and makes use of all appropriate therapies – conventional, complementary and alternative.

Integrative Health Philosophy

Integrative health practitioners and proponents believe:

  • an individual’s health and well-being is viewed in terms of wholeness of body, mind and spirit.
  • an individual has an innate capacity for healing; the goal is to maximize this capacity optimizing personal wellness through prevention and use of safe and effective healing resources.
  • the healing process is highly individual; choices and decisions are strengthened through knowledge and empowerment.
  • that a partnership exists between the individual and practitioner in the healing process.
  • an individual is responsible for his/her health and well-being and is at the centre of all care provision.
  • in embracing the best evidence supporting conventional, complementary and alternative medicine.