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Lifestyle & Nutritional Counselling : Macrobiotics


P5201284The Macrobiotic approach helps to cultivate an awareness of the natural order of life. Viewing our life journey as an intuitive adventure, Macrobiotic principles are a practical way to take charge of your own health, enhancing your lifestyle at home and at work.

  1. Balance Yin and Yang
  2. Cultivate intuition and judgement
  3. Daily physical activity
  4. Eat in harmony with nature
  5. Wear natural fibre clothing
  6. Consume fresh organic whole foods
  7. Chew your food thoroughly
  8. Breath deeply and practice relaxation
  9. Get adequate daily rest
  10. Avoid electromagnetic fields

The Challenge of Yin & Yang

Yang: fundamental energy of the universe. Yang refers to the relative tendency of contraction, centripetality, density, heat, light and other qualities. Yang energy predominates in small compact grains such as rice, millet and buckwheat; in root vegetables, and in sea salt, miso and soy sauce as seasonings.

Yin: the other fundamental energy of the universe, refers to the relative tendency of expansion, growth, centrifugality, diffusion, cold, darkness, and other qualities. Yin energy predominates in large whole cereal grains such as corn or oats, in nuts, fruits, and most leafy vegetables and liquids.

~ Michelle and Kevin Plumb

Macrobiotics: A Brief History

A well known Japanese scholar, George Ohsawa, brought Macrobiotics to North America from Japan in the 1950′s. His two primary students, Michio Kushi and Herman Aihara, lecture widely in the West, are authors of many books, and with their wives have established Macrobiotic centres for training and treatment in the U.S. Don has studied extensively with Michio and Herman.