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Before Your Appointment


What to Expect

IMG_0229 My treatments are personalized to meet your needs.

The initial visit will be up to 1-1/2 hours long. Time will be taken to conduct a thorough health history before  proceeding with a treatment. Follow up visits will be approximately an hour long.

We will create a treatment plan designed to address your concerns. Follow up treatments tend to be scheduled closer together to maintain a sense of momentum. With improvement, the visits can be spaced out to once every few weeks, then once a month and so on. From a preventative perspective, is a good idea to consider seasonal or quarterly treatments to maintain your health.

Various  lifestyle guidelines with remedial exercises will be presented as ‘homework’ to assist your movement toward sustained health. If our sincere wish is to arrive somewhere different in our lives, it is incumbent that we  start to do things differently,  and the sooner the better. I will do my best to encourage and support your aspirations for a better healthier life.